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This is just a little, simple page I threw together, but I think it gets its point across.

Dale Earnhardt was arguebly the best to ever set in a race car, in my opinion he definitely was.
With Earnhardt in the race it was automatically was more exciting. The moves he made, the interviews
he did, his attitude, everything about him was awesome. He was
always billed as being the Intimidator, but was really a generous and kind man.

His driving style made him what he is.
Driving fearlessly, sticking the nose of the car wherever it would go, to make the pass,
sometimes into the back of the other car, but he made the pass. That's why he was a 7 time champion.
His ability to control the car was amazing, he proved that countless times. The last great save he made
was the 2001 IROC race at Daytona, the Friday before his death. He was ran into the grass going into
turn 1 and never got off the throttle. He was amazing. At the high banks of Talladega and Daytona,
his record was unmatched. Thirty-Four Wins at Daytona, including the 1998 Daytona 500, and
10 wins at Talladega, including the amazing 2000 Winston 500 where he passed
15 cars in the last 5 laps to take the victory.

Dale worked hard to get where he is. He dropped out of school, against the advice of his father to begin
racing. His "Intimidator" style was developed on the dirt tracks of the Carolinas, where his father often
raced during his life. Dale had a hard time adapting to the asphalt, but he did it successfully, winning 7
NASCAR Winston Cup championships, and 76 career Winston Cup wins. He was voted driver of the
90's by members of the members of the press. He was the ultimate champion, and paid the ultimate
price for driving a race car.  He was driving the car to the end though, he was still trying to save it.
That shows what kind of driver Earnhardt was. He never gave up.  
There was never a more competitive person than he.
That's what I'll always remember about Dale Earnhardt.

   1979 Winston Cup Rookie of the Year
   7 time Winston Cup Champion
   76 Career Victories
   4 Time IROC Champion
   11 IROC Victories
   34 Wins at Daytona Intl. Speedway
   1995 Brickyard 400 Winner
   9 Time Winner at the legendary Darlington Raceway


Dale after winning the '98 Daytona 500

We will miss you Dale!!