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Eastern Kentucky 2001 Late Model Winners

201 Speedway

Date: Winner:
4/15/01 David Powers
4/21/01 Eddie Carrier Jr
4/28/01 Eddie Carrier Jr
5/5/01 Eddie Carrier Jr
5/12/01 Paul Harris
5/19/01 Rained Out
5/26/01 Eddie Carrier JR
6/2/01 Eddie Carrier Jr
6/9/01 Eddie Carrier Jr
East Ky Raceway Park

5/25/01 Steve Lucas

Mountain Motor Speedway

5/26/01 Benny Feltner

Perry Co. Speedway

5/19/01 Greg Lucas
5/26/01 Mike Cornett

Thunder Mountain Speedway

Date: Winner:
4/15/01 Randy Boggs
4/21/01 Jackie Boggs
4/28/01 Henry Hornsby Jr
5/5/01 Steve Casebolt Jr
5/19/01 Jackie Boggs
5/26/01 Greg Lucas

Thunder Ridge Raceway

Date: Winner:
4/21/01 n/a rained out
4/28/01 LM feature rained out
5/4/01 UDTRA - Jackie Boggs
5/11/01 Eddie Carrier Jr

Note: Since it is difficult sometimes to get the full results of the feature,
I am just posting the winners on this page.