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Eastern Kentucky Racing History
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DTWC Winners from Eastern Kentucky:
Charlie Swartz 1982
Jack Boggs 1984
Jack Boggs 1990
Jack Boggs 1995

Past World 100 winners from Eastern Kentucky;
Charlie Swartz 1980
Randy Boggs 1987
Jack Boggs 1995
Steve Francis 1999

Past Hillbilly 100 winners from Eastern Kentucky:
Charlie Swartz 1982
Jack Boggs 1985
Jack Boggs 1986
Jack Boggs 1987

Past STARS Series Champions from Eastern Kentucky:
Jack Boggs 1985
Jack Boggs 1988
Steve Francis 1996
Steve Francis 1997

Charlie Swartz and Jack Boggs were inducted into the new dirt late model hall of fame
at the North-South 100 at the Florence Speedway on August 25. Tommy and Jackie Boggs accepted
the induction on the behalf of their late father.

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Photos from :

Charlie Swartz before the DTWC in 1982

Charlie Swartz at the 1983 World 100

Images from

Jack Boggs on his way to winning his first DTWC in 1984
Jack Boggs in victory lane after winning one of his Hillbilly 100's

Photos: (big thanks to WOW and Heather for scanning and sending me these)
Photo of Sam Kingsmore's Ford Fairland from the late 1960's.
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