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Eastern Kentucky Racing Report
July 20, and 21, 2001

Friday July 20:
At East Kentucky Raceway Park in Willard, Ky, #00 Chris Prater won the UMP Modified race, he was followed by
#71 Scott Porter, 3rd was #4 James Parson, and 4th was #72 D.C. Chandler. No. B5 Brian Sammons won in the
super bomber division, running second to him was #77 Randy Fannin. No. 1F Harlan Ferguson won the bomber
feature and #84 Keith Anderson won the 4 cylinder feature.

Rains came and cancelled the action at Mountain Motor Speedway in Isom before qualifying was completed.

At Thunder Mountain Speedway near Olive Hill, #6 Richard Jenkins took the checkers in the late model feature, he
was followed by #27 Shawn Martin, and #G2 Glynn Booth was third. In the modified division feature, #4B Greg
Thompson won, second was #11 Jason Ball, and third was #10 Tommy Livingston. In the super street division, #
24 Eric Steagall won the feature, second was #31 Lee Neil.

Saturday July 21:
At 201 Speedway in Sitka, Shannon Thornsberry won the late model feature, second was Eddie Carrier Jr. Carrier
had a flat tire in the middle stages of the race, got it changed, was put to the rear of the field, and made his way back
up to the front to contend with Thornsberry for the win. No. 111 Randy Boggs was third. No. 911 Kurt Hofess won the
UMP modified feature, no. 7a Glen Patton won the super bomber feature, and #18k D.I. Henson won the 4 cylinder feature.

The races at Perry Co. Speedway near Hazard were cancelled due to rain.

Other Notes:
Paul Harris, Jackie Boggs, Tommy Boggs and Chris Wilson were in Portsmouth, OH Saturday night for the Renegade
STARS racing series "Rumble at the River 50" at Portsmouth Raceway Park. There were 36 cars and drivers there
for the race. Paul Harris qualified in 20th position and finished 21st in the feature. Jackie Boggs qualified 6th and
finished 12th in the feature, he is currently 4th in the STARS points standings. Tommy Boggs qualified 21st but didn't
make the feature, and Chris Wilson qualified 24th and finished 24th in the feature.