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East Kentucky Racing Report
August 31 and September 1, 2001

Friday August 31:
East Kentucky Raceway Park in Willard, Ky didn't race Friday night.

At Mountain Motor Speedway near Isom, rain cancelled the features.

Thunder Mountain Speedway near Olive Hill is racing Monday, and it will be their
final race of the season.

Saturday September 1:
At 201 Speedway Brandon Kinzer in his #18 Kinzer Drilling GRT/Custom Mustang
took the late model win. David Powers took the 2001 201 Speedway track championship,
congratulations to him and his crew.

At Half Mountain Speedway near Royalton, the #1 Miller Bros. Coal/Hawkeye Trucking
Rocket/Cropper Monte Carlo with Eddie Carrier Jr behind the wheel
made it 3 late model feature wins in a row. No. 10 Paul Harris was the first runner-up and
#28 Chuckie May was third. Carrier also took the $200 to win Quick Six dash race.
Very foggy conditions cancelled the rest of the night's features. Half Mountain Speedway
is not racing this Saturday due to the World 100, but will get back to action Sept. 15th.