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2001 World 100 For Eastern Kentucky drivers:

WORLD 100 Qualifying For Eastern Kentucky Drivers:
43. #10 Audie McWilliams Union, Ky 17.51
52. #19 Timmy Yeager Harrodsburg, Ky 17.56
78. #TB4 Tommy Boggs Grayson, Ky 17.89
94. #18 Brandon Kinzer  Allen, Ky 18.016
118. #1 Eddie Carrier Jr Leburn, Ky 18.523
-only top 120 cars make the heats-
122. #10 Paul Harris Prestonsburg, Ky 18.32
134. #4B Jackie Boggs Grayson, Ky 18.484
140. #28 Chuckie May Allen, Ky 18.543
143. #101 Benny Feltner Bulan, Ky 18.621
190. #32 Greg Lucas Whitesburg, Ky 19.462
Chuckie May won the second non-qualifier race.

WORLD 100 Heat Results for Eastern Kentucky Drivers:
No. 10 Audie McWilliams was 20th in the first heat. #18 Brandon Kinzer
was 12th, #19 Timmy Yeager was 16th and #1 Eddie Carrier Jr was 20th in
the fourth heat. No. TB4 Tommy Boggs was 9th in the sixth heat. A spot became
available in the 3rd heat, and it would have went to Chuckie May
because he won the 2nd non-qualifier race. But May had already left,
so the spot went to the 2nd place finisher,  #10 Paul Harris. Harris finished

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