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East Kentucky Racing Report
Sept. 21 and 22, 2001

Friday September 21:
At Mountain Motor Speedway in Isom, #45 Tim Mason came away with the bomber feature victory, John Allen in
X-rated took the fuel injected four cylinder win, and #18K D.I. Henson was victorious in the 4 cylinder feature.

Saturday September 22:
At the Half Mountain Speedway near Royalton, #10 Paul Harris took his second consecutive late model feature,
2nd was the #1 of Eddie Carrier Jr. No. 10C Gary Combs won the open wheel modified feature. Jim Lemaster,
#42, won the super bomber feature,  Buck Lemaster #17 won in  the bombers, the R77 of Randy Risner came
away with the road hog victory, and 18K D.I. Henson won the 4 cylinder feature.